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We’re super proud sponsors of Team England and have been supplying them with kit and merch for their events leading up to the World Cup in December.  Stay in touch with all their exciting events on their Facebook page here.

We are super excited about once again supporting the Amsterdam Derby Dames’ Block Around the Clock event.

On September 21st to 22nd, the scrimmage will entail 24 hours of non-stop roller derby, the worlds only 24 hour non-stop scrimmage marathon Block Around…  See you there! 

Congratulations to Sheffield Steel Rollergirls who won 25 caps in our twitter competition!  If your team needs caps then you should check out our awesome deals right here, or join us on twitter for our fab weekly competitions! 

Back in July it was a sad day for RDC as one of our skaters from our home team Plymouth City Roller Girls went to the big flat track in the sky…. Jukes #01 was an awesome skater and great friend, so we were super pleased to be able to donate a whole bunch of merch to the Jukin’ Jamboree, a scrimmage to raise funds for Macmillan, that looked after Jukes and her family so well.

Say what you like about Gothenburg’s mens roller derby team but we love printing their kit!  

Stick ‘em up for stickers!  You can now order stickers from us along with your merch - we’ve got great deals for round, square or custom shaped stickers plus metallic silver and gold for extra merch table snaz.  Want some?  Order yours here.

We’re going crazy for trucker caps and you are too!  All orders being shipped this week are getting a complementary cap with their team logo on…. and you can order any number of caps right here

New in!  By popular demand we now make custom bum bags aka fanny packs!  Get them with your derby name/number or your team logo.  Essential for training - pop in your gum shield, stop watch and whistle and you’re all set.  Also pretty handy at the after party too…

Wohoo we’ve just released our September issue of the RDC Newletter.

Have a quick read for new products, info, news and the best part: freebies for your team!!!

Love love love this logo we printed for Veuves Noires of Rouen, France, it looks great on our classic freshman jackets!  Does your team need to get kitted out?  Check out all our amazing products ready to be customised with your logo and skater name in our team kit catalogue just here