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One of our longest standing customers the Seaside Siren Roller Girls put in a massive merch and team kit order in with us.

The Sirens girls are always busy, lately they have been volunteering with the Marine Conservation Society to clean up the beach at Southend-on-Sea. They’ve also got a comedy night at the Backyard Comedy Club on 25th APril, so make sure you hit them up for some good old belly laughs.

Details from their website:

The Bullets of Basingstoke, or Basingstoke Bullets Roller Derby as they are more commonly known had lots of custom team merch printed for them recently.

The bullets have loads of awesome projects going on with RDC at the moment, as winners of our socktober competition they will soon have some wicked custom team socks coming their way.

These ladies are always wiling to help out. Recently they raised over £2000 for Sebastians Action Trust. They will be climbing Snowdon, mid April so keep an eye out.

If you’d like to donate you still can on their justgive page.

We printed up some hot looking team kits for Grin ‘N’ Barum, Devon Derby Girls last week. With a mixture of cool-tech t-shirts and vests, the girls took on girls from SWAT in the first bout of the South West Season.

The Grinners fought extremely hard the whole way through the match, with SWAT coming out on top in the end.

You can follow their progress here 

Breakers Breakers Breakers Breakers!

Our friends at Cornwall Roller Derby had lots of custom team tops printed up for them for their opener of the South West Season last weekend.

On 6th April, The Atlantic Breakers took on Severn Roller Torrent, in a double header, with SWAT also taking on Grin N Barum. The breakers came out on top against SRT in a closely fought match-up.

They will be playing in the third game of the South West season on May 4th. Make sure you keep an eye out.

The mighty mighty Smacksons, lovely regulars of ours, had a massive bunch of merch printed the other week, they know a good bargain when they see one…100 t-shirts at £4.10 each! wowsers!

The Smacksons hold a fresh meat night every Monday, so If you want to play man derby and live in the Norwich area head over and get some skates on!

This awesome blue, black and white combination comes courtesy of Oxford Roller Derby.

We designed up the custom shorts for them too with the logo and blackbirds on. These girls are all going to be set for summer now.

Keep up with the ladies on their Facebook page

A few weeks ago we printed for the North Cheshire Victory Rollers.
They made use of our great merch and custom jacket orders.

The Rollers have recently launched a spiffingly shiny new website. Check out all their latest news here

Don’t forget to have a look at the awesome burgundy jacket with grey sleeves that’s new in our product range.

There’s always something awesome going to happen when SDRD are on the track. 

As a sponsor of the lads, weve been printing up a range of merch for them again including our signature scrim t-shirts.

Watch out for these guys as some of the team are playing in various teams in the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup happening next Month.

Check out their Facebook to keep update on what the cheeky chappies are up to: 

The Royal Windsor Roller Girls are trying to get to Fort Lauderdale in May (have a look at their event page here:

To raise money to support the girls and the league, they are offering out these awesome vests for supporters at only £12 a pop!

Head over and grab yourself one to go down in history as a Windsor legend, they’ll all love you for it.

Check out this awesome selection of Merch we printed up last week for the Portsmouth Roller Wenches

The raglan style tops are crazy popular at the moment, with lots of teams interested in getting them for league members. 

The Wenchs played a tough game against Croydon Roller Derby last weekend. Both team’s fought hard, with Croydon capitalizing on a strong second half, leaving the final scores as 121 Wenches to 215 Croydon!