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Damn from New Wheeled Order gives us a cheeky grin at the Manchester Roller Derby double header 31 May 2014 Love these guys rocking our kit!

Smack Bauer from New Wheeled Order and his great name/number combo rocks his RDC kit at the Manchester Roller Derby double header 31 May 2013

Kit your kids out with our matching custom kids derby shirts!  At the Manchester Roller Derby double header 02 June 2014

RDC where proud to showcase a new stock of cool-tech custom referee tops for men and women.

Just have a look on our website If you’re interested.

Fully customisable to your zebra needs. We also do next day guaranteed delivery, so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need one last minute.

Check out these two Star Wars themed scrim tops as part of a May 4th themed bout for Hereford Roller Girls.

The Galaxy won, with the final score coming in at 188 - 148, although the rebel alliance pulled out all the stops in the second half, wrapping up 100 points.

Great theme!

Killer Kittens are Odense’s A Team all-star team.

Up on the octopus last week for printing here is some information taken from their Facebook page.

"Odense Roller Girls was founded in October 2011 by our very own Appetizer for Destruction and is Funen’s first roller derby league. We became our own union in March 2013 run by and for our players. Our mission is to draw attention to roller derby and its way of celebrating women’s differences and individual strengths.

We have two teams: Rookies and Veterans (Killer Kittens).
So far we have participated in scrimmages at bootcamps around the country and cultural events in Odense. Some of our players from Killer Kittens have played on the Danish team at Malmö Derby Festival in 2012 and 2013.
Our goal for 2014 is to play two bouts. The first will take place in Copenhagen against Kick Ass Cuties on May 10th, and the second will be in the fall at home.

Wet City part of Bergen Roller Derby Team wanted loads of lovely merch and including t-shirts and tote bags printed for the Norwegian festival happening on the 17th.

They are a new team for us, with an awesome gold colour and nautical themed logo. Awesome stuff!

Bright Green tops for Hannover Demolition Derby, all the way from Germany.

Hannover’s premier derby league are busy bouting in the upcoming weeks, with their next match being held on 7th of June. You can’t miss them on the track in this bright neon colour!

Have a look at their website for more info about the team

One of our longest standing customers the Seaside Siren Roller Girls put in a massive merch and team kit order in with us.

The Sirens girls are always busy, lately they have been volunteering with the Marine Conservation Society to clean up the beach at Southend-on-Sea. They’ve also got a comedy night at the Backyard Comedy Club on 25th APril, so make sure you hit them up for some good old belly laughs.

Details from their website:

The Bullets of Basingstoke, or Basingstoke Bullets Roller Derby as they are more commonly known had lots of custom team merch printed for them recently.

The bullets have loads of awesome projects going on with RDC at the moment, as winners of our socktober competition they will soon have some wicked custom team socks coming their way.

These ladies are always wiling to help out. Recently they raised over £2000 for Sebastians Action Trust. They will be climbing Snowdon, mid April so keep an eye out.

If you’d like to donate you still can on their justgive page.